Bosnia and Herzegovina 


Youth Citizenship in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Promoting Citizenship, Enacting Citizenship, March 2016 (English) (BSC)

Information Sheets:

Barriers to Youth Engagement (English) (Bosanski) (Hrvatski) (Српски)

Divided Commuities/Fractured State (English) (Bosanski) (Hrvatski) (Српски)

Lack of Hope/Lack of Trust (English) (Bosanski) (Hrvatski) (Српски)

Education (English) (Bosanski) (Hrvatski) (Српски)

Youth Unemployment (English) (Bosanski) (Hrvatski) (Српски)

Youth: Problem or Resource? (English) (Bosanski) (Hrvatski) (Српски)




Youth Citizenship in Lebanon: Promoting Citizenship, Enacting Citizenship, May 2016 (English) (العربية

Visits to Public Schools across Lebanon (February-May 2015) Presented to the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education, January 2016 (English) (العربية)


South Africa


Youth Citizenship in Cape Town: Between the work of civil society and the daily experience of young people

Information sheets:

What makes me a citizen?: Exhibition Guide

Places of Citizenship: Map

Places of Belonging/Estrangement

Places of Engagement/Exclusion

Places of Ubuntu/Division


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