Workshop: Ecologies of Protest

16th January 2014, 09:00 to 17:30, W007, Main Geography Building

Workshop and round-table discussion in W007 followed by a reception at 5:00pm outside the Appleby Lecture Theatre.

Ecologies of Protest

The past three years have witnessed growing numbers of protests in streets, squares, and parks in countries around the world. What often starts as a protest about a specific event or a space escalates into broader political claims about how citizens are to be treated, their rights, and the responsibilities of the government.

Parks, in particular, have been important sites of and for mobilisation, from Kenya's Green Belt movement to Gezi Park in Turkey. In these parks, actions that start small grow into something much bigger, compelling people to become involved, to announce their claims (albeit in ways that may seem incoherent), and perhaps to germinate a new public or counterpublic.


Confirmed Speakers

Stuart Aitken (San Diego State), Beatrice Hibou (SciencesPo), Myriam Houssay-Holzschuh (University of Grenable Alpes), Alex Jefferey (Cambridge), Kirsi Kallio (University of Tampere), Mehmet Barış Kuymulu (CUNY), Cherly McEwan (Durham), Don MItchell (Syracuse University), Caroline Nagel (University of South Carolina), Susan Parnell (University of Cape Town), Anna Secor (University of Kentucky) and Charles Tripp (SOAS).

Sponsonored by YouCitizen, an ERC-funded project; the AHRC-funded Centre for Advanced Study of the Arab World; and the Department of Geography at Durham University.


16th January 2014, 09:00 to 17:30, W007, Main Geography Building


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