Working Across Cases


Workshop on Comparative Methods and Strategies

9-11 April, 2017

Tucson, AZ


The purpose of this workshop is to review the themes emerging from the fieldwork in Sarajevo, Cape Town, and Beirut in order to allow learning across the cases and to draw insights and inferences that are suggested when one considers the cases together. In this workshop, also, we also consider what we mean by ‘comparison’ and develop a methodology for reading across the cases.

Location: Studio 44, 44 Broadway, Unit 404 in downtown Tucson



Stuart Aitken, San Diego State University

Chloé Buire, Africa Research Institute, Sciences Po, Bordeaux

Vanja Čelebičič, Durham University

Alex Jeffrey, Cambridge University

Dino Kadich, University of Arizona

Konstantin Kastrissianakis, Durham University

David Marshall, University of Arizona

Dima Smaira, Durham University

Lynn Staeheli, Durham University

Life Routes: Cyprus... Bringing untold Stories to Life!

12 December at 18.30 I Goethe Institute I Nicosia, Cyprus


YouCitizen invites you to first public screening of short videos from across Cyprus.

A participatory mapping project involving 5 young people from across the Island, Life Routes: Cyprus explores how young people make sense of their lives and their futures in places that have been divided or strained by conflicts of various kinds. Through a personal exploration of their relationship to particular places, the 5 youth researchers gathered stories, memories, views, and experiences from a diverse array of people and communities throughout the island. These narratives have now been brought to life in the form of 9 short videos!

Don’t miss the chance to watch these open and honest narratives at a free public screening at the Goethe Institute on 12th December 2016 at 18.30. After the screening, the young people involved in the project will share their experiences and talk about the themes, places, and people featured in their stories. A reception will follow.


Life Routes Cyprus

Launching the 'LifeRoutes: Tyre' Digital Story Map

Thursday 8 December 2016 18:30 I Nahnoo Tyre Office, Orientale bld I Tyre Lebanon

Explore the city of Tyre and its surroundings through stories revealed by its neighbors in short videos

After “Life Routes: Beirut”, NAHNOO invites you to the launch of “Life Routes: Tyre”. “Life Routes: Tyre” is a collaborative digital-story mapping project produced by NAHNOO and the YouCitizen research project. In this project, young people set out to explore the connections between the residents of the city and the histories, memories, and stories found in everyday spaces in the city. Through interviews with peers and older residents, the youth researchers collected the stories of people and places around them and re-told them in short videos by using digital photography, video, archival images, music, and sound. Through their stories we gain a glimpse of people’s sense of belonging and attachment to place in a constantly shifting urban landscape. 

As part of this launch of the “Life Routes: Tyre” digital-story map, we will showcase some of the stories, and hear from the youth researchers involved in its production. Please join us in celebrating the launch of the digital map and in discussing the stories produced by the youth researchers.


Life Routes Tyre copy


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