Youth Citizenship in Divided Societies

About YouCitizen

YouCitizen is a comparative, multi-level ethnographic research project examining efforts to promote youth citizenship as a way of healing divided societies. The outcomes of these efforts are conditioned by the contexts in which they are delivered. In these contexts - including histories of division and exclusion, social norms, family histories, and the spaces of daily life - youth interpret and experience citizenship in their own ways. The YouCitizen research project seeks to understand how youth interpret, experience, and potentially remake citizenship in ways that may be different to the forms of citizenship promoted by civil society organizations and states. 

In examining this topic, this study focuses on both the networks of organisations promoting youth citizenship, as well as on youth themselves. YouCitizen researchers have conducted over 200 interviews with international and local civil society organisations promoting youth citizenship, and have constructed a database of hundreds more. In doing so, the research team have examined the funding sources, partner networks, activities, and vision of citizenship these organisations promote. In addition, through interviews, participant observation, and creative research activities (including digital story mapping) undertaken with dozens of youth, this project explores young people’s own experiences and understanding of citizenship. Young people aged 15-24 in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Lebanon, and South Africa have participated in this project, including youth who have been engaged in citizenship promotion efforts, as well as their friends and peers who have not.



This research is supported by a European Research Council Advanced Grant entitled "Youth Experiences of Citizenship in Divided Societies: Between Cosmopolitanism, Nation, and Civil Society" (ERC-205-392).




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